Kingsway Junior School | Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

"The best parents evening we have attended. Really felt like you know our child, thank you." (Year 3)

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for a lovely assembly this morning. I was an emotional wreck watching all the children stand up to get their awards, not just my own child but all of them! Every child looked so proud and it was such a positive assembly."

"Keep up the good work and thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate all the children."

Funky Rhythms Dance and Fitness - "Kingsway Junior School - oh my dayz. That was the best class I have taught to kids!! Youngest was 7 yrs and the oldest 11 yrs, 30 girls - when I walked in their faces lit up and they stood waiting to dance. They were so good."

"Thank you for all our hard work. My daughter is really happy here!"

"I would like to congratulate you, your staff and the parents for the wonderful behaviour of the children during the awards and and the service - it was most impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the assembly." Carol Herbert - Watford Foodbank

"Many thanks for all the hours of work you and your staff put in to help our children achieve and be happy."

"The school has transformed amazingly and this shows in both the results and the attitude of the pupils."

"My child is progressing academically - after school clubs are aiding. Thank you for all the school outings you embark on. Lovely experience for all pupils."

"The school has transformed and it is only going to be better! Wishing you all the best for the future."

Sep 30 14



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